Time Detectives at Stone Court Mansion

July 2005

The excavation at Stone Court Mansion, Carshalton has so far uncovered the north and south sides of the building, including the remains of the steps on the southern and the northern frontages.

Excavation in the internal part of the building has revealed three cellars, running the length of the building, surviving to a depth of 1m, one of which has a flint floor. The northernmost cellar has also revealed a doorway which was blocked up at some stage during the lifetime of the building.

Further excavation should indicate when this occurred. MOLAS are providing a Senior Archaeologist and an archaeologist to assist with this community archaeology project ('Time Detectives'), which is directed by the London Borough of Sutton, Learning for Life, Heritage Service.

Youth groups and individuals aged between 13 and 19 will aim to discover more about this once imposing house, which was built around 1700 and demolished a century later.

Read more about Time Detectives on the London Borough of Sutton website