Archaeology on location

MOLA can be commissioned to create small displays of archaeological findings at our clients’ properties. These may consist of display panels and/or exhibits such as fragments of Roman mosaics, Saxon cooking pots, Tudor pewter spoons or Victorian clay pipes in enclosed glass display cases.

Examples include a display for the new headquarters of Cazenove and Company Ltd at Northgate House near Moorgate in the City, where MOLA excavations discovered important evidence of Roman London’s early pottery industry.

Archaeological discoveries at the new Merrill Lynch Financial Centre, Giltspur Street, EC1 (Merrill Lynch Europe PLC), including evidence of early Roman buildings and the defences of Roman and medieval London, are now described in a series of explanatory panels near the preserved remains of the Roman city wall and a medieval bastion.

MOLA has also produced displays for the Jubilee Line Extension Project (London Underground Limited), the Royal Opera House, the Spitalfields Development Group, and many other projects and clients.

Past outsite projects

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