Graphics and design

The graphics and design team uses both traditional and digital design and illustration techniques to produce high-quality artwork for many different types of publications and displays.

How we can help

We are commissioned by external clients on a variety of publication projects, including archaeological and non-archaeological commissions, as well as working within MOLA project teams.

Artwork produced includes:

  • Digital plans
  • Reconstructions in 2D or 3D
  • Illustrations of finds
  • Slide artwork
  • This range of artwork is used in fast-track client reports and MOLA monographs (e.g. Middle Saxon London), as well as exhibition work and popular publications.

    Working with the in-house photography team, we also provide a comprehensive publication service, taking projects from inception and design through typesetting and pre-press work to print buying. We also work closely with colleagues in the Museum producing exhibitions and displays.

    MOLA produces in-house about ten large monographs each year, as well as a similar number of smaller publications. In addition, MOLA authors publish many illustrated articles, large and small, in recognised academic journals.

    More information

    For further information contact Tracy Wellman on 020 7410 2200.

    Read our visualisation capability statement.


  • Popular and accessible booklets
  • The Greater London publication programme
  • Web-based publication