Life and death in London's East End: 2000 years at Spitalfields book cover

New books

May 2004

New books from MoLAS in May 2004 - Uxbridge High Street, Life and death in the East End, St John Clerkenwell, Lambeth Unearthed and more!

Several new books published or produced by MoLAS are now available. We have just published Medieval and later urban development at High Street, Uxbridge, No. 12 in our Studies Series. It presents the results of work at the Chimes Shopping Centre, allowing us to trace the growth of the medieval town, including 12th-century pottery production and later industries.

Members of LAMAS will be able to apply directly to the Society for a free copy of this publication (reg. price £7.95) as part of a MoLAS initiative with local societies to promote increased dissemination of archaeological findings.

The end of April also saw publication of Life and death in London's East End: 2000 years at Spitalfields, the latest in our popular books series. This 100 page, full-colour book (reg. price £9.99) chronicles the remarkable discoveries on the site of Spitalfields Market - the burial ground for wealthy Romans and location of one of the country’s largest and most important medieval hospitals. Over 10,000 skeletons were found in the medieval cemetery, the single largest archaeologically-recorded group in the world!

On May 20th we will be launching MoLAS Monograph 20 The priory of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, Clerkenwell. Publication of this comprehensive, 425 page work (reg. price £31.95) is a significant event in monastic studies. The Order, formed to support pilgrimages to Jerusalem and run a great hospital there, founded a house in Clerkenwell in 1144 which became their only priory in England and their headquarters here. Excavations have revealed how it evolved into a sumptuous palatial complex very different from a normal monastic institution.

Earlier in that same week we will be involved in the launch of a very different book – Lambeth Unearthed: an archaeological history of Lambeth. This popular archaeology and history of the borough was published with SLAEC for the Lambeth Archives Department and is available through our website publication pages for only £4.95.

MoLAS is also able to act as the publisher of projects developed by other organisations, and we have also just produced Mitigation of construction impact on archaeological remains for English Heritage. The book (price £6.95) provides information and advice for archaeologists faced with choosing between preservation, protection or excavation of sites threatened by development, and includes examples of mitigation strategies and techniques.

All of these books are available on our website under publications.

More publications will be coming out during the summer months.