St Paul's return

15 August 2006

The Museum of London Archaeology Service (MoLAS) is now undertaking the final piece of work in the south garden of St Paul's over the old, pre-Wren, cloister.

MoLAS carried out two separate phases of evaluation there in 2004/5 which clarified the survival of the only in situ remains of the medieval cathedral; and are now working with the Cathedral architects in the re-landscaping of the south gardens which, amongst other improvements, will lead to the permanent setting out and display of the cloister remains.

Much of the remains will continue to be hidden beneath dumping and garden soil but in some area landscaping requires more uncovering. Initial work has concentrated on the south west corner of the cloister where more of the floor paving has been seen as well as a doorway and steps down.

Work will continue through into the autumn.