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The London Charterhouse

This monograph on the London Charterhouse, a Carthusian monastery founded in 1371 just outside the walled City, includes recent excavation evidence of the inner court of the Charterhouse. The result is a new, fully illustrated account of the development of the monastery, the pre-monastic use of the site as a Black Death cemetery, the monastic economy and diet, and the impact of the sub-urban location on the reclusive Carthusian order. The post-Dissolution setting of the 16th-century mansion and the hospital established in 1613 is also examined in this look at one of London’s most fascinating historic sites.

Authors: Bruno Barber, Christopher Thomas

Sites: CAR89, CIN91, CKE00, CSQ98, CWL98, GSS95, GSU99, GSW90, JOH88, LIT89, MED89, MED90, PCC92, PRR98, SJO95, STJ89, TEZ88
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Series: Monograph Series 10

Published by: MoLAS, London 2002. ISBN 1 901992 23 3. Pb126pp. 95 bl/wh ills.

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