David Bowsher

Director of Research and Education

tel: 020 7410 2285
email: dbowsher@mola.org.uk

David Bowsher heads the Research and Education team at MOLA, with a primary responsibility to lead the organisation’s programme of post-excavation projects as they progress from assessment and analysis to publication. He also has the key role of planning and leading the organisation’s strategy for post-excavation work, including the continued development of post-excavation and dissemination methodologies.

David joined the Department of Greater London Archaeology (a predecessor to the present organisation) in 1986 and remained a Field Archaeologist with the Museum of London until 2005. Before working for the Department of Greater London Archaeology, David worked on a variety of archaeological projects in the UK. He has also worked abroad in Barbados and France. He has considerable experience of supervising large excavations and of post-excavation analysis in London.

David has also produced numerous reports and post-excavation assessments, and has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as larger monographs and books.

David Bowsher