Peter Rauxloh

Director of Technology Services

tel: 020 7410 2205

Peter Rauxloh is internationally known as a leading exponent of the use of databases in archaeology. As Director of Technology Services, Peter is responsible for providing strategic direction on the exploitation of both these system to ensure disciplined data capture, validation, analysis and presentation so as to enable holistic archaeological interpretation. He supports and develops the use of ArcGIS and ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine) for the purposes of both inter and intra-site spatial analysis and graphical production. His work also involves preparing and presenting non-spatial and map-based data from archaeological and museum-collection databases for presentation via the Internet, in publications and in public galleries.

Peter’s current research interests are in the exploitation of GIS technology for London-wide research, 3D-modelling of complex urban stratigraphies within a GIS environment, and the presentation of digital archaeological archives online.

Peter has worked in a consultancy role for MOLA with partners in the archaeological /cultural sector on capacity-building projects in Portugal, France, Romania, Kosovo and the UK. He also has expertise in web content management, usability and site planning, and has managed survey teams for MOLA and others within London, Romania, Italy, Northern England and Malta.

Peter Rauxloh