Nicholas Elsden

Project Manager

tel: 020 7410 2282

Nicholas Elsden is a Project Manager at MOLA. He was first employed by the Museum of London as an Archaeologist in 1986, and was promoted to Senior Archaeologist in 1988. He has also acted as Project Officer for desk-based assessment and fieldwork for the East London Line Project from 2006 to date, for the Crossrail archaeological impact assessment, initial fieldwork, and archaeological mitigation designs from 2002 to date, and for fieldwork in Hong Kong in 1999.

Since 1988 he has supervised excavations in the City of London, West London, Southwark, and elsewhere. In addition, he has conducted numerous archaeological impact assessments, including those for Railtrack Thameslink 2000 and the East London Line Project.

In his Assistant Contract Manager role, Nicholas specialises in the organisation and supervision of large, complex projects that require the coordination of multi-disciplinary MOLA teams, particularly for transport infrastructure. This covers both office and site-based projects. For example, he had lead responsibility for producing the desk-based heritage specialist reports and Environmental Statement for the Crossrail EIA, covering over a hundred sites and the largest such study to date.

Nick holds the IOSH Supervising Safely Certificate.


Nicholas Elsden