Andy Chopping

Head of Photography

tel: 020 7410 2202

Andy manages a small team of professional photographers who are responsible for the production of high quality archaeological working and archival shots, in addition to publication, press and public-relations photographs. Working on location and within their well equipped studio, MOLA photographers record the wide range of our archaeological work as well as managing the publicly accessible photographic archive.

Andy joined MOLA in 1990. After graduating in1980, Andy worked as a professional photographer in England, Spain and the Middle East. Having previously worked in medical and industrial research, he has the photographic experience required to produce images within the more technical areas of photography, such as infra–red and ultra–violet imaging, macro–photography and photography–microscopy, aerial and architectural photography. 

A significant part of Andy’s job involves working with the head of MOLA’s graphics team to provide images of every sort for MOLA monographs. The production values manifested in these are widely considered to set the benchmark for archaeological publication in the UK.

Andy Chopping