MOLA Frequently asked questions

Part of the archaeological site team at St Mary Spital in London's East End

What does MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) do?

MOLA offers a full range of consultancy and professional services in archaeology and heritage management. We advise property sector clients on how best to manage the implications of developing on archaeological sites or in historic towns and landscapes. We also design, manage and deliver pragmatic heritage projects, based on 40 years’ experience. Our services range from desk-based studies and EIA to major site investigation schemes.

Where does MOLA operate?

We work in London, throughout the UK and overseas.

What size is MOLA?

MOLA  is one of the largest archaeological practices in Britain. We currently employ around 170 professional archaeologists and specialists. We carry out around 200 archaeological projects each year.

What does MOLA specialise in?

MOLA has an unrivalled reputation in urban archaeology and the successful integration of archaeological work with major construction and infrastructure schemes.

What kind of organisation is MOLA?

MOLA is a limited company and registered charity. It is completely independent of statutory or local authority organisations charged with protecting the nation’s heritage.

Where is MOLA located?

MOLA is based at Mortimer Wheeler House, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N1 7ED. View or download a map showing the location of Museum of London Archaeology.